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"I might be alone in thinking this but as someone who has suffered from depression their entire life I don’t view Elsa as a good role model for people with depression and anxiety. Throughout the movie she literally made every choice a person with these conditions should not make. Maybe if they would have given her more character and depth it wouldn’t be so easy to harshly judge her actions, but she made too many bad choices"

Can we add that depression isn’t cured when other people perform “acts of love” toward you? That you can’t just depend on other people to “love your depression away”?

Yeah as much as I love the movie and like Elsa as a character, I have to agree with you both there. Also you can love a character and not have that character be a role model for you at all. And while I like Elsa and empathize with her and feel her struggles, she did definitely go about things the wrong way.

Also let me add on this. Remember that these characters are flawed and that part of their journey involves overcoming their inner flaws and obstacles.

Elsa’s main flaws are suppressing her feelings, denial, running away from her problems that come ahead of her, and low self esteem. Sound familiar?

Oh look they’ve done this before.

But why stop there. Let’s me add another Disney protagonist as an example. Let’s look at Aladdin. A good chunk of the movie revolves around the fact that he was lying to everyone and that he needed to tell the truth. That he didn’t need to pretend to be someone else to be loved and respected (not just by Jasmine but by people in general).

In fact a lot of Disney protagonists have low self esteem at the start of their films only to learn how to be happy with who they are as the story progresses. Hercules, the Beast, Tarzan, Quasimodo, Pocahontas, etc. It’s a recurring theme with them. 

And then there are these characters who aren’t role models at all in their films because of how they act. Again the Beast would be a good example of that and so are Simba and Stitch. These characters had to learn to make better people out of themselves.

And so did Elsa by learning to love, by learning to not push others (including and especially her sister Anna), and by learning to be happy and open with herself. Her main problem was she was repressing herself emotionally (and literally considering her powers) but she had to learn to not do that anymore AND without harming anyone.  

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yoooo i smell something fishy here

Wasn’t Wallace an coordinator too? a top one at that? 

Not in the games but in the Pokemon Adventures manga and in the anime he was.

Here’s hoping that the remake games follow suit and don’t retcon Juan in the process. I don’t want him or Juan to be retconned. Steven Stone has been confirmed to be the Champion. So with that out of the way, here’s hoping Wallace is a bonus boss or something while Juan is a Gym Leader (or vice versa).

I’m still standing by my theory of Wallace and Lisia both being related.

They’re probably not but I like doing this stuff just for fun.

I did the same exact thing when Heart Gold and Soul Silver was coming out. Giovanni was already confirmed to be Silver’s dad in Adventures and the Celebi event but no mother was confirmed. But HGSS had to introduce Ariana who looks way too much like Silver for me to ignore.

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